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  • Gekko Roteki (Flute in the Moonlight)
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The shakuhachi is an end-blown Japanese bamboo flute played for centuries as a religious or meditative practice. With its unique sound and expressive voice, the shakuhachi can create both great simplicity and great beauty. 

Dr. Suggs studies shakuhachi with Dai-Shihan James Nyoraku Schlefer and received her jun shihan shakuhachi accreditation from his New York City Kyo-Shin-An dojo and her Shihan (Master) license from Dai-Shihan Kurahashi Yoshio II in Kyoto, Japan. 

The Fairfield Duo offers special programs featuring the Japanese shakuhachi bamboo flute in duet with guitar. The result is intriguing and meditative.


Dr. Suggs also performs solo shakuhachi recitals, gives lecture demonstrations and presents a special multimedia, family-friendly event called "Shadows of the Samurai" which incorporates storytelling, music and puppetry. "One of the best descriptions I've heard of our program is that in this age of computer-generated special effects, 'Shadows of the Samurai' is 'aggressively analog. There's no attempt to hide the creativity of the five individuals involved in the performance – real people are creating this, and blending an ancient artistic tradition with modern sensibilities while doing so."–Nora Suggs interview with Arts Around Town.

Nora’s shakuhachi website: www.norakumusic.com.